Tech for Good Mavens and Mavericks is a Slack team dedicated to freelancers working across the UK tech for good space. It's for researchers, strategists, advisors, connectors, data and evaluator people, as well as others working across the sector to support non-profits and funders. As a community, we wanted a space to come together, work more collaboratively and to make it easier to find and share opportunities. We hope it helps us to strengthen our support individually and collectively across the tech for good space.

Find Freelancers

Our members list is public. Feel free to contact anyone on this list about their work. Please do share and use this list when you are looking for freelancers to approach for potential work. To post an opportunity across the group or for freelancers to consider collaborating on, do contact Think Social Tech by clicking on the button below.


Tech for Good Mavens and Mavericks is hosted by Think Social Tech. The community is intended to support those actively undertaking tech for good consultancy work. It's primarily UK focused or for those working in a UK setting, but not strictly (some of our team live/consult outside the UK). It's not for agencies, commissioners, digital people, developers or charities (head to Digital Charities for this). We don't tend to provide direct technical or digital support to the organisations we work with, but look to inform how they develop their organisation or sector through digital. You can see our current list of members here.


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