Nissa Ramsay

I set up Think Social Tech in January 2018, offering trusted research and support to teams when they are looking to solve a problem. Since then I have worked with over 25 clients on a vast range of projects.

I am a social researcher at heart, academically trained and with 15 years practical experience in the social sector.

I'm a qualitative researcher at heart, with a secret love of spreadsheets. I am skilled in interviewing, collaborative research, participatory data analysis, survey design and running workshops. I have always worked remotely and use Google Drive, Miro, Jamboard, Trello, Airtable, Calendly, Zapier, Zoom and Slack in my work.

I have a PhD in Human Geography and an MSc in Digital Sociology, focusing on creative data-driven storytelling, working with Women's Aid on Domestic Abuse Migration.

I am also a trustee of Chayn, a global nonprofit supporting those experiencing gender-based violence with online resources and support.

Working with Think Social Tech

Think Social Tech brings expertise in digital funding programme design, knowledge of the latest research and awareness of emerging practice in the UK Tech for Good and social sector.

Clients often come to me when they are stuck with a problem or need space to hear from their stakeholders and reflect on what next. I do my best work when a client is passionate about a project and can help guide it strategically. Think Social Tech is registered as a sole trader in the UK (and is not VAT registered) and often works in partnership with other freelancers and agencies.


Think Social tech is committed to being:

  • Collaborative. Supporting you and your team to achieve your goals, working closely with key stakeholders, other agencies, researchers and freelancers.
  • Open. Creating resources which others can engage with and learn from, whether it’s a public report or a list of resources which inform it.
  • Curious. Understanding the context and learning from as many sources of data, information and opinion as possible to decided next steps. Listening actively and never assuming.
  • Creative. Always working with you and your ideas to decide the best approach, borrowing ideas from a range of disciplines to achieve a goal
  • Community minded. sharing learning with likeminded freelancers, agencies and organisations. Think Social Tech runs a freelancer community Tech for Good Mavens and Mavericks and is a member of Agencies for Good, Catalyst and the Social research Association.

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